Do It Yourself SpaceLift Attic Storage

February 21, 2016 - spacelift

Can you, or your contractor, frame a square opening in your attic floor (aka garage ceiling)? Are your attic floor joists 6 to 14 inches deep? Then you are on your way to enjoying the convenience of a SpaceLift attic storage lift. Your next step is to consult the SpaceLift Site Guide, review the installation requirements and framed opening dimensions.

Then say goodbye to the old household storage hassle on your stairs or attic ladder. The low-profile SpaceLift design is ideal for moving seasonal storage and holiday decorations in and out of your attic space. Up to 24 cubic foot capacity (and 200 pounds per trip) allows you to move more stuff in less time. Consult with your contractor and organize you life. You can do it.